With the right cloud consultancy, your tech has the power to transform your business. Our geeks will guide you every step of the way.

We’ll find the tech you need to grow.

Harnessing the power of cloud technologies and app development can take your business to the next level. But it can be hard to know what you really need — and what’s an unnecessary add-on. Our cloud consultancy curates a slice of the Cloud moulded perfectly to your business needs. No frilly bits around the edges.

Whether you’re already onboard with cloud technologies or you’re looking to make the move, we’ve got the skills to launch your business into the virtual troposphere. (That’s the bit of the sky with clouds in it, by the way.)


You do you, while we do IT.

The best use of your time is focusing on your strengths. And as it happens, our strength just happens to be your IT systems.

As AWS Partners and expert app developers, we’ll implement, refine and manage your technologies without the need for hand-holding. Leaving you to concentrate on what really matters: your business.

Top techies on tap.

Holiday flings aren’t for us – we’re here for the long run.

If times get tough, we’ll adjust your tech to meet your new challenges, pronto. And when it’s all tickety-boo, we’ll make sure it stays that way, with seamless switching to the latest technologies.
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Cloud consultancy

No meetings that should’ve
been an email.

No one wants to be stuck in endlessly long discussions about IT infrastructure. Thankfully, we’re pros at speedily getting to grips with your business’s tech goals, without the faff of long-winded meetings.

And the paperwork.

And the “we’ll discuss that in more detail next time”.

…And the survey at the end.

Uncover our cloud
consultancy expertise.

We love a cloud conversation. Get in touch to explore how our cloud consultancy can streamline and secure your business’s tech.

The voice of TPP

But wait!

We’re so much more than just our cloud consultancy.

Cloud engineering

Once we’ve planned what’s going to work for you, it’s time to put it into action! We’ll build and manage your AWS cloud services exactly to your specs. Plus, we’ll stick around for as long as you need.

Cloud migration

We love removals – without the van. We’ll transition your tech to the Cloud or hop gracefully between cloud services to achieve your goals. Not a broken vase in sight, we promise.

Why consult
with us?

We’re ego-free.

We’re exceptional at cloud consultancy, if we do say so ourselves. Our preferred option is always your preferred option, even if that means a bunch of extra coding for us.

And if we can’t achieve what you’re looking for, no problem. We’ll even find someone who can help.

We’re super agile.

Move over, Elastigirl! We take flexibility to the next level. No pre-programmed environments or painstaking procedures, just the knowledge to build your cloud technologies from the ground up.

Plus, our AWS solutions are just as flexible as we are, accelerating your business’s response to change.

We love this stuff…

…and we get that you probably don’t. That’s why we cut through the jargon to tell you exactly what you’re getting, and how it’ll benefit your business.

We keep up to date with the latest cloud tech and app development tools, so you don’t have to. Because as long as our head’s in the Cloud, we’re as happy as a nerd with a sandwich in a sandbox!

Fancy teaming up?

You know your business. We know our tech. Let’s explore your cloud
technologies and app development together.

It’s a match made in geek heaven.