Preparing for cloud migration? We’ll help you pack up your all important belongings and make the move quickly and safely.


First time or cloud to cloud— we’ve got your cloud migration covered.

Cloud migration can take your business to new heights. But you need the knowledge, and time, to seamlessly transition your prized data and services – without interrupting your workflow. Luckily, our cloud buffs specialise in doing exactly that. And better yet, we’ll work entirely around you.

Once you’re in the Cloud, a wealth of possibility lies before you. But like a kid in a candy shop (or a geek in the former glory of Maplins), the choices can feel overwhelming. Fear not! We’ll help you refine your AWS services to ensure you’re getting the very best from your cloud environment.

Time to ascend to the Cloud?

Our terrific techies work to create the perfect cloud setup for your business. Our expertise ensures your business glides straight into the Cloud, turbulence free.

cloud migration

Clear skies:
just the tech you need.

We’re about upgrades, not upselling. That’s why we never sell you add-ons or additional services that your business won’t use. Our inner minimalists ensure your cloud services are perfectly streamlined. Trust us – we’ve even Marie Kondoed our sock drawer.

Sunny days:
expertise on tap.

Holiday flings aren’t for us – we’re here for the long run.

If times get tough, we’ll adjust your tech to meet your new challenges, pronto. And when it’s all tickety-boo, we’ll make sure it stays that way, with seamless switching to the latest technologies.
cloud migration planning
custom clouds

Custom clouds:
made just for you.

This isn’t Blue Peter. We never “make one earlier” and then try to fit your business into an existing cloud solution. Using our AWS expertise, we custom build your cloud services exactly to your specifications. You get exactly what you want right now – and we’ll explore additional features when, and if, you need them.

With the depth of a fluffy cumulus, we go beyond
cloud migration.

Cloud engineering

We build your cloud services around your business, so you get exactly what you need. What’s more, we’ll even future-proof your cloud structure so that your tech grows alongside your business.

Cloud consultancy

Not sure if the Cloud is right for you? Or already made the move, but are worried that you’re not in the right space? With our cloud consultancy, we’ll discover the right services and solutions for your business.


We’re proud AWS architects. Wanna see our certificate?

The epitome of high level cloud technologies, AWS offers incredible cost savings and efficiencies for businesses. As AWS Partners, we’re dedicated experts in our field. We’ve even passed the exams. (And yes, our mums are very proud).

We’re skilled AWS architects and app developers. With streamlined services, reduced downtime and regular upgrades, we’ll keep your tech running smoothly, so you can get down to business.

Making cloud
migration simple.

We’re small
(but beautiful).

Unlike huge corporations, we really get to know you and your business. That means we’ll never sell you something you don’t want – or need.

With strong working relationships, we have a real grasp on what you require. The result? Flawless cloud migration. And we even remember how you take your tea.

We’ll help your business take off.

Utilising the Cloud takes your business to the next level. We create scalable, agile services, built to your ideal specifications.

No more turbulence and certainly no unexpected landings. Just one slick, seamless takeoff – and a glass of champagne when you’re cruising at 30,000ft.

We’re tech obsessed.

We love this stuff as much as most people like pizza. That’s why we’re happy to take cloud migration and app development off your plate and into our expert hands.

With our AWS solutions architects at the helm, you’re free to concentrate on the business of running your business.

Ready to move?

With our expert team of AWS solutions architects, you’re in safe hands. We’ll
even supply the (virtual) cardboard boxes and take our shoes off at the door.

Hop on a call with us and let’s talk moving day!