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Thanks to our nifty app development, The Spott Fitness get the real-time data they need to maximise their clients’ workout experience.

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2020 with ongoing updates

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When it comes to fitness, every moment matters. That’s why The Spott Fitness needed a bespoke app, providing real-time heart-rate data and customisable workout timers.

Used in personal training sessions to provide remote workouts, linking wearable tech to The Spott Fitness’s app offers the feedback clients and their personal trainers need to get the most from each session.

“The Possibility Partnership’s expert knowledge of app development, professionalism and commitment to the project have been exemplary for which I unreservedly recommend their services.”

Benjamin Hodson, Co-Founder, The Spott Fitness

The challenge:
accessible training with great results

With 2020 restrictions meaning that clients could no longer access in-person training sessions, The Spott’s Co-Founder and expert Personal Trainer, Benjamin Hodson, spotted a gap in the market. But to seize the moment, he needed to move quickly. .

Benjamin and his investor knew their app needed real-time heart-rate data and accurate workout timers to help their customers provide tailored, high-quality training. But how could this information be shared remotely?

app development
accurate business data

The solution:
accurate data, no sweat

These nimble fitness gurus quickly turned to The Possibility Partnership to develop a bespoke app. With proof of concept in just one week, The Spott’s vision of shared real-time fitness tracking would soon be a reality.

Overcoming hurdles including device compatibility, The Spott’s app development also needed to keep costs low whilst delivering maximum functionality. No sweat for our terrific techies!

The result:
app development for real-time results, remotely

<2 weeks

to proof of concept

12 months

from concept to customer


lines of code written

The Spott Fitness quickly launched our customised app, much to the delight of their endorphin-craving customers. Linking to wearable tech, clients’ fitness data is shared remotely and in real time during a workout.

So if those burpees aren’t pushing you hard enough, your trainer knows it’s time to ramp it up! Clients get more from their workout, they’re both happier and healthier (and admittedly, sweatier).

Plus, fitting a workout into a busy lifestyle has never been easier. With the convenience of working out whenever and wherever clients choose, The Spott Fitness’s bespoke app development has made targeted fitness available to every client, whatever life throws at them!

Real-time data

Interfacing with wearable tech to provide real time data means personal trainers know exactly how to get the most out of each workout.

Workouts for all

With no need to attend a face to face training session to access quality, targeted workouts, keeping fit with The Spott is accessible to all.

Great workout-life balance

Both clients and personal trainers enjoy the convenience of accessing high-quality, targeted fitness sessions that work for their lifestyle, too.

Ooh look, more happy customers!


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