Fractional CTO team

Why hire a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) when you could pick up the blower and book a Fractional CTO service? Our tech leaders will ride to your rescue.


leadership you can trust

Most businesses can benefit from a CTO, but that doesn’t mean it has to be one bloke with a laptop called Steve. That’s why we offer a ‘Fractional CTO’ service with a difference.

From day one you’ll have a dedicated team with brains the size of supercomputers, or at least a Commodore 64.

Whether you’re experiencing productivity dips, challenges with your tech or poor implementation of software, we’ll empower your business with expert Fractional CTO support and solutions.

Come rain or shine, your GO team are our CTO team.

Our CTO awesomeness explained

Every man and his dog bills himself as a fractional CTO, but unlike some, we’ve got the chops. The Possibility Partnership has a track record of delivering CTO solutions for businesses of all breeds

Here are six reasons why our Fractional CTO team offers the best partnership since mayonnaise and French fries.

Ahead of the game

We’ll help you make the most of your tech and stay ahead of your competitors.


Contact our friendly team and get the technical guidance you need – with no extra flab.


We swerve internal politics and will tell you the whole truth. Our loyalty is to you.

Technical expertise

We have the tech smarts and know-how to make your life CTO-so-simple.

A trusted partner

We can sit in your boardroom and validate your ideas if you need a second opinion.

to lead

If you want hands-on leadership to direct your IT team, our Fractional CTO team will roll up their sleeves.

Get your Fractional CTO support

If you’ve read this far and you’re like ‘shut up already’, then wiggle that cursor and smash the button below. We’d love to hear from you.

Spend less on your Fractional CTO

Let’s face it – hiring a Chief Technology Officer can cost a king’s ransom. But if you’re struggling to justify hiring a full-time CTO, let us bat our eyelashes for a second.

The Possibility Partnership can deliver the technical leadership, guidance and roadmap you need – without the hefty bill.

By honking the klaxon and calling the Fractional CTO team, you can access an affordable, agile, as-you-need service that’s nimbler than a ballet dancer. No leotards shall be worn.

Two heads are better than one

Any business can face tech challenges, and sure, hiring a Chief Technology Officer is often the ‘break glass in case of emergency’ option. But a single soul is no match for a dedicated hive. And we crack better jokes.

With our Fractional CTO service you’ll benefit from our years of collective wisdom gleaned from triumphs, mistakes and triumphs again.

Fractional CTOs don’t grow on trees, but we’re more like a mulberry bush. We can branch in different directions, we’re deep-rooted in systems, and we’ve got no prickly spikes.

Our Fractional CTO service explained

Three is the magic number, and while no two clients are the same, here’s what you can (roughly) expect in three simple steps.


We’ll meet your team, introduce ourselves and work to understand your objectives over a digestive or two.


Once we know what you’re looking to achieve, we’ll formalise a plan and make the case for how we’ll get there.


Our Fractional CTO team will lead and direct on the plan of action, steering your good ship towards the promised land.

Empower your people

A crazy thought, but wouldn’t it be nice if we all had the time to do our actual jobs?

If your time and budget is stretched, it’s understandable if you’ve filled the Fractional CTO void with a temporary fix. But square pegs never fit in round holes, and sticking the wrong person in the CTO role risks ruining projects, upsetting morale and wasting talent.

Our lean, mean Fractional CTO team will give you the cold, hard truth – in a nice way – so you can crack on with what you do best.

Ready to get started?

If our digital transformation service is the beans, our Fractional CTO service is the toast. Transform your business’s potential and contact The Possibility Partnership for a no obligation chat.