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Enjoy top-class solutions from our partner cloud services. When your business needs to advance your tech, you can trust us to pass the good stuff to you.


Techie-approved partner cloud services.

You know your business better than anyone. And we know our tech better than anyone. That’s why we’ve spent our career searching the Cloud for secure, efficient solutions for your business. We know what works – and what doesn’t.

By harnessing our expert knowledge, you’ll save yourself the time, money and hassle of shopping around. Grounded in countless recommendations and thoroughly tested by our team, our partner cloud services offer your business the best in market products — with a sneaky discount to boot.

Amazon Web Services (AWS):

the crème de la crème of cloud services

Used by millions of businesses worldwide, AWS is the market leader in agile cloud technologies. Its pay-as-you-go pricing means it’s not only cost-saving, but scalable to grow alongside your business. And as a cloud service, there’s zero hardware overheads to shell out for.

With AWS, your cloud tech possibilities are infinite. Our cloud engineering services offer a full AWS infrastructure package, custom designed for your business, whilst our cloud migration service welcomes you to your new AWS home.

Google Workspace:

collaborative cloud workspaces

Google Workspace makes collaborative work accessible from any location. Share documents, see changes in real time and streamline projects, secured with top level cloud security. Plus, video calling and chat workspaces keep your team connected — wherever they wander off to.

Offering innovative solutions for businesses at every scale, we’re buzzing to offer Google Workspace as part of our partner cloud services.

Microsoft 365:

Office and more,
accessible everywhere

As bona fide cloud buffs, we know that Microsoft 365 is a great way to migrate your business’s tech into the Cloud. That’s why we’ve added it to our exclusive list of partner cloud services.

You’ll benefit from the same functionalities across the Microsoft Office range, alongside features such as email and calendaring. Microsoft 365 also makes bringing your team together simple, with messaging and video calling solutions that work for your business.


robust cyber security

Cyber security matters. That’s why We’ve partnered with Mimecast, industry leaders in email cyber security. Working across email cyber threats, data governance and unified security, Mimecast offers an all-round solution for your business.

As luck would have it, Mimecast also integrates seamlessly alongside our other cloud partners, Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. It’s written in the stars.


innovative IT services solutions

Looking to refine (or better yet, automate) those time-consuming, repetitive tasks that take up your valuable time? We’ve carefully selected Freshworks as our IT services partner, thanks to their efficient, easy-to-use range of services.

With their slick processes and our tech-whispering capabilities, together we’ll free up your team’s time and create the top-level customer service you’re aiming for.


Streamlined communication

One app. Three core functions: calls, meetings, and messaging. You’ll keep everyone in your team on the same page. And because that page is based in the Cloud, you’ll be able to contact your team wherever they are in the world.

We’ve read the reviews, tried the service and loved it so much, we’ve made RingCentral a key player in our partner cloud services.

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