With its flexible, intuitive digital environment, our partnership with Google Workspace keeps productivity simple, wherever you’re based.

Workspaces with support on tap - winner.

We’re proud as punch to offer the top tech of Google Workspace as our partner cloud services. With its flexible, collaborative solutions, your team can work from anywhere. And thanks to Google Workspace’s helpful tools, your functions are intuitive, user focused – and powerful.

Plus, as a Google Workspace partner, you’re guaranteed The Possibility Partnership’s top-notch support experience. From full set up to advice on the best solutions for your business. The cherry on top? Our exceptional pricing.

google workspace

Your productivity toolbox, burstingat the seams.

Whatever you’re creating, selling, or tinkering with, Google Workspace has the tools for the job.

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Any location, any device – your plethora of productivity tools are always on hand.

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No more peering at tiny icons. An exceptional user experience as standard.

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With tech powered by Google AI, smart suggestions maximise your productivity.

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75% of users claim an increase in team innovation. Hello, profit growth.

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Great returns

Google Workspace users see an outstanding 331% return on their investment. Our tech teams can see why!

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Time boosting

Google Workspace boasts an average time saving of 21 days per user each year.

Ready to take Google Workspace for a spin?

Enjoy the winning combination of Google Workspace’s outstanding features and our exceptional tech support. Get in touch to find out how.


Seamless integration, with support on hand.

With our exceptional knowledge of all things cloud, we’re chuffed to offer Google Workspace through our partner services. From big to small, we’ve the experience to know which solutions work and the value of seamless integration with your existing tech. We’ll also keep you updated on all your tech stats, with a free Google User Audit Report.

And with our team on tap, there’s no need to reel off your life history every time you have a tech question. We know your business, so save writing your memoirs for the weekends and enjoy our expert help – pronto.

Gladmin - your admin, only happier

Using Gladmin, our bespoke management a1239 mail signature tool, administering Google Workspace has never been easier.

Thanks to its automation features, admin is super-slick. And as our valued customer, you enjoy its features with the benefit of an exceptional discount.

Google User Report

Gain insights into exactly how your users are making the most of our tech tools with Google’s User Reports. Check in on your tech, learn how many of your users are active and which accounts are no longer needed for simplified admin.

Plus, Google User Reports allows you to see which users are using the recommended levels of security, like two-factor authentication. Meaning you can quickly track down those pesky scoundrels who aren’t keeping your security at top-notch level.

Improved support

We’re the kind of chaps who remember everything about your business. Yes, right down to the type of office pet you’re considering (and we vote cockatoo).

That means no more starting from scratch when you need support. We know your business, so we know how to keep you up and running.

The ka-ching of savings

As a Google Workspace partner, we’ve got access to exceptional pricing that we pass right on to you.

That means you see an even faster return on your investment, and the kind of cash savings that make an impact. You’re welcome.

ChromeOS Licensing

When you’ve got a high user base, keeping your data safe and sound matters more than ever. Thanks to Chrome OS Licensing, you can enjoy fully secure, remote management of all your Chrome devices. That’s everything from updates to extensions, and everything in between. 

That means exceptional security and functionality, without the need to have your tech team physically access the device (and make small talk with Susan while they do). And with super-easy configuration at your fingertips, you get complete control over what your users can and can’t access on their devices. Ooh, the power! 

Just remember: with great Chrome OS licensing comes great responsibility…

Fantastic functionality, serious support.

Get in touch today to harness the power of our Google Workspace partner cloud services.