Anyone can say they run a cloud consultancy, but only a select few have their feet on the ground. So if you’re looking to glide through the fluffy white cloud, what are the key things you need to know? Here we answer five big questions to help you separate the cloud consultancies from the clown consultancies.

What exactly is cloud consultancy?

A cloud consultancy is made up of cloud consultants, who help to design, strategise and operate cloud tech services for businesses. This can include everything from migrating your business to the cloud, to optimising your ongoing tech performance. Short of doing your laundry, they’ll simplify your life in almost every way.

Do I need a cloud consultant?

A cloud consultancy is there to unlock your technological potential. For many companies, it’s unlikely – nah, impossible – to possess every conceivable tech talent in-house. And even if your team do have the chops, hiring the necessary number of people could leave your business feeling more bloated than a bellyful of beer. In contrast, cloud consultants are nimble, fleet-footed tech-xperts who are there when you actually need them.

When is my business ready?

You’ll know when you’re ready to engage a cloud consultancy when your business has ambitions that outstrip your ability to act upon them. It’s probably not at the very start of your journey when you’ve got nothing but a desk and a fridge, but maybe you’re in the startup-to-scale-up mindset and need some additional expertise without paying the whacking great price tag of in-house architects, engineers and migration specialists.

No two businesses are the same, and before you ascend into the cloud, you’ll ideally have developed a sense of what your company needs, what’s missing from your operations, and how you can manage the migration is the least disruptive way.

Will a cloud consultant help with security?

Your cloud consultant won’t guard your office with a baseball bat, but they can advise you on which security protections and features will protect you from online bandits.

The cloud environment helps to keep your business secure through encryption, firewalls and threat detection, and by backing up your data to ensure business continuity.

And of course, security isn’t just about the tech itself, but the human processes you implement. Your cloud consultant can help identify your existing vulnerable spots, and how you can introduce basic controls such as limiting authorisations, and best practice when responding to breaches.

What happens during my cloud consultancy?

Transferring legacy applications to cloud infrastructure is not a job for the faint hearted. Just like rewiring a house, you need someone who knows what they’re doing.
Firstly, a certified cloud consultant supremo should be able to get under the skin-on-fries of your business. They’ll be able to advise you on how to integrate your existing systems with the cloud, how to approach security and data compliance, and can perhaps lead the change on a broad-ranging digital transformation.

Cloud consultancy you can count on

At The Possibility Partnership we believe that effective cloud engineering and migration can help businesses reach dizzying new heights. And our team of friendly techies can provide the cloud consultancy you’ve been buffering for.
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