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With outdated software tied to a physical location, it was time for a remote technology revolution with our cloud partner services. Full digital transformation coming right up!

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Full digital transformation, plus cloud partner services



How did we help?

When 2020 threw remote working (rather urgently) into Accountagility’s agenda, it was time to reconsider their tech services.

Using outdated technologies that tied their business to a fixed location, Accountagility embraced the power of our cloud partner services alongside their full digital transformation.

“The Possibility Partnership seamlessly brought us from the technology stone age into the 21st century”

Stacey Munday, Operations Director, Accountagility

The challenge:
stale software services

With antiquated software supplying email services and tech from their start-up days no longer meeting their booming business’s needs, Accountagility needed a thorough digital refresh.

Onsite tech was making collaboration tricky. Productivity was quashed by slow connections. And a swift (and surprise) transition to remote working in 2020 made providing fast, functional tech a top priority. Enter: our super geeks.

tech help
Cloud consultancy

The solution:
our select cloud partner services

Cloud technologies were the clear solution, offering productivity and collaboration when working remotely. The Possibility Partnership stepped in to quickly take stock of Accountagility’s tech.

After building their cloud architecture from scratch, we turned to our trusted cloud partner services. By implementing Microsoft 365 across all platforms, our team provided scalable solutions that could meet Accountagility’s needs, today and tomorrow.

The result:
migrated and configured cloud tech


increase in productivity


of data successfully migrated


independent environments replaced

Making the move from familiar technologies to new, cloud based solutions can feel daunting. But Accountagility embraced the challenge!

With their worries about data loss and adopting new software platforms allayed by our team, we were able to give their tech a top-to-toe makeover in the Cloud. All the while ensuring their data was safe and secure throughout the process.

By configuring our trusted cloud partner service, Microsoft 365, to best practice levels (and then some!), we quickly delivered everything they needed to make remote working a doddle.

With our help, Accountagility was able to use the Cloud software’s exceptional functionality without the need for a complicated, time-consuming set up. Time saved, hassle saved and, of course, data saved.

Risk reduction

With the safety of cloud technologies and assurance of our trusted cloud partner services, Accountagility’s data security was taken care of.

Collaboration, Remotely

Thanks to Microsoft 365’s Teams software, video conferencing is simple and stable, allowing for great “team(s)” work!

Productive, remote working

With all Accountagility’s tech located in the Cloud, their team now has access to all they need, whenever and wherever they choose to work.

Happy clients aplenty


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