When off the shelf just won’t do, expert app development can drive your business forward. 

Creating your own app means you’ll offer the features and functionality to set you apart from the crowd. And with our four foolproof steps to smooth app development, you’ll get the end product you’ve been dreaming of.

Identify your problem – and plan a solution!

A good app solves a problem. “Classic problems” might include lack of time, the need to increase sales, slow processes and, in my house, car keys that vanish the second you turn your back. 

Alternatively, your problem may be a little more niche. You may want to analyse data in a particular way, or to target a specific market. You know your market best – which means you also know the best way to solve these problems.

Then, there’s The Really Big Problem. Often, existing apps won’t solve these problems in a way that works for your business.

That’s where planning your own app development comes in. Your problem, your solution, solved. Working with a team of app development specialists can help you refine your ideas and plan a format that can translate to a brilliant, problem-solving solution.

Start simple – begin your app development and create a basic prototype

It’s easy to get bogged down in the tiny details when it comes to app development. But like any other investment in your life, you need a basic idea of what your end product should look like. 

Take car shopping for example.

You wouldn’t launch straight to paint colours. Unless you’re the sort who immediately declares “not red!” as soon as they enter the forecourt. (What’s wrong with red?) 

You’d consider the basics. What’s the engine capability? How many seats do you need? How economical does it need to be?

You then refine the details at a later stage – the Bluetooth capabilities, the not-red paint colour and the beauty of that little button on the key fob that opens the boot before you arrive at the car. 

These features do make a difference. But if you’ve accidentally bought a two-seater convertible when you need a 7-seater MPV, you’re stuffed. And if it’s red…I have no words.   

Your app is the same. You need your app development to focus on the “big stuff” first. You need to create a basic prototype. Make sure that app can get you and your business from A to B.

Focus your app development on UX – which features matter?

UX (user experience, for those of you that don’t live, eat and breath tech acronyms) matters. It affects how intuitive your app is. 

And let’s face it, we’ve all had experience with unintuitive apps that have received a few choice words muttered under our breath. Don’t be that app. 

If your app isn’t straightforward, easy to understand and simple to use, it’s no good. Your staff will waste their valuable time. Your clients will get frustrated and go elsewhere. 

Using scrum methodology, at The Possibility Partnership we review UX at each stage of the app development process. We’ll consider which features matter most, and implement them sooner. 

We’ll refine, add, and remove features as your business needs grow. The result? Top notch UX, and highly efficient app development. 

Review metrics – and enhance your app as you grow 

Metrics are a key component of successful app development. You need to know what’s working. And perhaps more importantly, you need to know what’s not working. 

What’s stopping you from getting the most out of your app? 

Finding a team of app developers that embrace the scrum methodology can be invaluable. This methodology allows for a review of your valuable metrics at the end of each “sprint” (that’s a period of time where we’ll add new features to your app).

If at the end of the sprint it’s going great, your app development team will move on to new features. And if your app needs refinement, they’ll make improvements. Taking the time to reflect at each stage means your app really works for your business.

App development, bump-in-the-road free

It’s easy to run wild with the excitement of a fantastic idea of a new app. For successful app development, you need to start small, have a clear vision and keep your user experience at the front of your mind. 

Our team of app developers can guide you through the development process. Plus, we utilise scrum methodology to review the effectiveness of our progress at every stage. Explore our app development page to find out how we can create the app that does exactly what you want – and more.