AWS has a big reputation in the cloud tech business and hefty numbers to back it up. Recent figures suggest that AWS accounts for nearly 34% of the cloud market. 

But does it live up to the hype? Explore four fantastic features of AWS and find out how they can take your business’s tech to new heights. 

Grow, shrink and grow AWS functionality – as and when you need it

With AWS, your business’s tech can be elastic. No need to visit your local haberdashery, it’s really pretty simple. 

Elasticity means that AWS can make more resources available as your business demands it. 

Think of it like this: elasticity means an end to buying a table that seats 12 for one Christmas dinner a year. If the reality is that the other 364 days a year, you eat on the sofa, you’re wasting money. 

It’s better to rent the 12-seater table for that one day that you need it, and spend your savings elsewhere. Like on a quality sofa, the kind with a chaise lounge. You’ll use that every day. Oh, and no judgement. We love a sofa dinner. 

So, if you’re launching a new product and expecting a whole bunch of interest, AWS can scale up to make sure your tech can cope with the demand. When the demand subsides, AWS shrinks back to its typical capacity. 

Gone are the days of costly hardware designed to cope with short periods of intense use. With AWS, you pay for the extra capacity when you need it.

Pay only for the time you use functionality – and save when you don’t

The beauty of AWS is not only its elasticity, but its scalability. Adding new features in AWS can really help your growing business to meet the demand for new UX functionality. Expanding database storage can be equally vital. But can you accurately predict when you’ll need these features – and for how long?

With onsite hardware, it’s always been a tricky job. Gazing into the crystal tech ball is often futile. Plus, everyone’s trying to sell you hardware as “top of the range” – but will you use all the functionality of high-value hardware? If not, it’s money down the drain.

With AWS’s scalability, you can add and remove capacity and capability as your business needs change. So if you need a new feature, you can add it. And when you’re done, you can remove it. By paying only for the time you utilise each feature, you’ll soon see the valuable savings add up.

Obtain 24-7 AWS support – help always on hand

AWS Support can make life in the cloud carefree. It’s one option to ensure that your problems are resolved quickly by their onboard support. AWS offer a range of monthly support packages to give you the assurance that help is on hand.

If you’ve got the technical know-how to manage and maintain your AWS cloud structure in-house, you might want to consider a support package for a back-up. Even the best techies need to talk things through sometimes!

And if you’re looking for support in the management and maintenance of your AWS cloud tech, The Possibility Partnership can help. 

We’ll happily take all the complicated stuff off your hands, and keep your tech running nice and smoothly. In fact, we’re so good at our job, you won’t even know we’re busily beavering away in the background. 

Play with your latest big tech idea – before you go live

AWS is a great place to play with new ideas. With its sandbox environment, you can build your big ideas in a safe space. Experiment with full AWS functionality before you take them live to your team and clients. You’ll quickly see if they stand strong, or aren’t quite the dream construction you were hoping for. 

What’s more, you can take an idea you’ve already put into action, and try out additional features and functionality. All without the risk of confusing customers or retraining staff on a feature you’re not sure is ready to go live. It’s like a tech dress rehearsal. 

At The Possibility Partnership, we love a sandbox environment as much as our inner four-year-old with a digger-scooper-truck. Yes, that is the technical term and no, you can’t borrow it. 

So if you’ve got a big idea that you want to try out – hand it over to our capable team who can bring your AWS dreams to life, risk free. If you don’t like the end result, we’ll knock it down and start again. No problem, just bigger, better solutions.

Get more from your AWS cloud tech

Elasticity, scalability, cost savings – the list of AWS benefits just keeps on coming. And with the ability to trial your ideas before you hit launch, your next project will be a sure-fire hit. 

At The Possibility Partnership, our team of AWS Solutions Architects are here to help you get the most out of AWS’s exceptional functionality. Check out our AWS services to see how we can boost your business’s cloud capacity.