Recruitment technologies have moved on from the days of calling up a candidate and begging “PLEASE”. These days, there’s nothing phony about telephony, or indeed any of the recruitment technologies that can help you identify and secure the best talent.

But as we all know, bringing together these complicated moving parts is like trying to get Oasis to reform. So, what are the technologies that recruitment agencies and hiring teams should be aware of, and how can you integrate them in one fancy cloud consultancy cake?

Applicant Tracking Systems

Let’s be real – sifting through a mountain of CVs takes longer than the passport queues at Gatwick. An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) will save you time by scanning CVs, identifying keywords, and then filter candidates according to who’s got the X-factor.

There are plenty of fish in the sea, but if you’re looking for a carp, it’s no use reeling in an octopus. ATS recruitment technologies can help you tailor your talent search and save valuable time.

Customer Relationship Management

While ATS is about streamlining your processes into a lean, mean recruitment machine, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is more like a spiders’ web – a sprawling database of jobseekers, employed talent and passive candidates that your hiring teams can reach out to.

While ATS and CRM might sound like two peas in the same pod, there are subtle differences in these two recruitment technologies. ATS covers the application process itself, whereas CRM is the talent pipeline and how you nurture it. “Can you nurture a pipeline?” we hear you ask. That’s the metaphor and we’re sticking with it.

Telephony recruitment technologies

Wait, aren’t telephones going the way of the Tasmanian Tiger? On the contrary: telephony is far from extinct.

Every top recruiter has the gift of the gab, and whether it’s classic cold calling or speaking to candidates while on the move, voice calls remain the bread and butter of talent acquisition.

Clunky office phone systems might be gathering dust, but the likes of RingCentral can bring together messaging, video and telephone capabilities into one heavyweight comms solution.

Payroll software

If you run a recruitment agency and you’ve got lots of temps on your books, it’s vitally important that they, well, get paid. The same goes for permanent talent and related finance functions like invoice processing.

Properly functioning payroll systems are some of the most important recruitment technologies to consider. And while some agencies are tempted to press the ‘outsource’ button, if you do go it alone, GOV.UK can help you find payroll software online.

Better yet – The Possibility Partnership offers digital transformation and Fractional CTO support. We’ll help you select the right payroll product, and can review your existing tech and recommend solutions to unlock your tech potential.

Other recruitment technologies

These days, there are no shortage of recruitment technologies and platforms where you might scour the market for the best candidates. Whether it’s your agency website and online candidate journey, the jobs boards where you post, or the endless interactions on LinkedIn, WhatsApp or Facebook, you’ll want to ensure you can seamlessly toggle between platforms and that your team have the latest information at their fingertips.

In fact, the next level up from telephony – omnichannel – allows recruiters to engage with talent on multiple channels and devices. Our old friend RingCentral uses intelligent routing software through platforms like RingCentral Engage Digital. This means that candidates can be connected to the right agent, whether they use Twitter, WhatsApp, SMS or a message in a bottle (maybe not that).

We put the ‘great’ into integrate

While there’s a lot to be said for all these recruitment technologies, it’s one thing to know the tech, and another to implement it effectively. The Possibility Partnership can help you build integrations – and a winning strategy – through our Fractional CTO service. We’ll help you create well-defined workflows that deliver maximum efficiency and solid processes around your recruitment efforts.

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