Running a business is never going to be plain sailing all the time, but when problems occur, cloud technology solutions can be a ray of light on the horizon. In this post we examine five common business grumbles we encounter, and how cloud tech can provide a much-needed silver lining.

“We love remote working, but our telephony sucks”

In this brave new WFH world, it helps if your communications systems, well, work. And if you’ve operated for years in a traditional office with telephone switchboards, it’s totally understandable if you’re not ready for a world where colleagues take Zoom calls in their bathrobe and slippers.

Enter cloud technologies like RingCentral – a one-stop-hub for message, video and phone communications. With its simple dashboard and ability to integrate with your existing tech, RingCentral lets you connect with teams across more than 100 countries (and countless armchairs, bean bags and remote working pods).

“Our support company don’t look at the bigger picture”

Business moves at a million miles an hour, and we spend so much time on the ‘what’ we can easily forget the ‘why’. Naturally, some businesses choose to outsource certain cloud technology solutions – from HR to accounting – or ‘insource’ expertise from their existing team. But is there a Goldilocks third way?

Our Fractional CTO Team could be the dream ticket. You’ll benefit from a trusted expert who comes without the price tag of a permanent Chief Technology Officer, or the cold, distant ‘support’ from a call centre in a Siberian suburb. Pull up a seat at your boardroom table and we’ll offer technical expertise, a plan of action and a penchant for biscuits.

“Our AWS bill is astronomical”

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has a pay-as-you-go model for most of its cloud services. But just like an à la carte menu, if you get too excited you’ll end up with a hefty bill.

With our AWS cloud technology solutions we can advise you on which AWS features you actually need, and which nice-to-haves are costing you money. You’ll get detailed reporting on your usage metrics, allowing you to adapt to your environment like an Amazonian bullfrog.

All in all – our cloud consultants can transform your AWS usage from an expensive headache to a cost-effective all-you-can-eat buffet.

“We’re not getting the most out of the products we use”

Technology should make our lives easier, and if you’re struggling with app overload and more product licences and cloud technologies than you know what to do with, we feel your pain.

One of the reasons we exist is to make tech work for businesses. Your job should be to focus on doing what you do best, not worrying about expensive overheads, service outages and security blind spots. Our partner cloud services can integrate with your existing tech and help you offer your people a seamless, stress-free experience in the cloud. From Mimecast to Microsoft 365, we know our way round the technology and can help your business fire on all cylinders.

“We want tech at the forefront of our business”

It’s one thing to understand the value of cloud technologies, and another to know what to do with it. And if you’ve experienced startup to scale-up growing pains, it’s understandable if your tech is playing catchup while your company has moved on.

Behold! Our digital transformation service. If your business is being held back by tech roadblocks, our super-agile team can review and recommend on how your digital architecture can become best-in-class. And we can help you uncover the benefits of automation without leaving your people behind.

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Whatever your tech troubles may be, The Possibility Partnership has the experience and know-how to help you turn that frown upside down. Learn more about our journey, and if we’ve persuaded you of our sheer awesomeness, we’d love to hear from you.