It’s no surprise why CTO services are sought after by many businesses. In fact, if your company uses technology that’s more advanced than a spinning jenny, the chances are you’ll benefit from the technical guidance, leadership and wise counsel of a CTO-verlord.

But don’t CTO services cost more than a stag party in Monte Carlo? Gather round as we dispel the myths about CTO costs.

Why CTO services are frankly awesome

If you want your tech to work better for your business, getting a CTO (Chief Technology Officer) can be safely filed in a drawer marked ‘good idea’.

In a fast-moving tech landscape where new products, features and trends come and go, it makes sense to have someone in your team who can offer technical expertise and guidance with their finger on the pulse.

Yes, full-time CTO services can be pricey

While CTO services are a bright idea, let’s face it – if you want a full-time CTO you won’t be paying the price of a Greggs pasty.

Having a permanent member of your team isn’t always the most efficient use of spend, as you’ll be paying their salary 24/7 even when they’re on a Swiss ski break. And that’s before we get into the internal politics – if personalities clash or things don’t work out, it could be costly to move on (and rehire) a permanent CTO.

Enter the Fractional CTO

Like a knight in shining armour, Fractional CTO services can provide a cost-effective solution for businesses that want tech support without having to find a crock of gold at the end of a rainbow.

In a world where technical knowledge goes a long way, CTOs ought to be affordable for a wide range of businesses, not just those with the deepest pockets (though if you’re reading this, Jeff Bezos, do give us a call).

Why Fractional CTO services are cost-effective

Unless you’re betting on the Grand National, no one likes to throw away their hard-earned cash for no reason. Let’s explore why a Fractional CTO hero might be less expensive than you think.

  • You pay for what you actually need. No one needs a handyman round their house every day, and equally, a Fractional CTO service can provide agile support as your needs evolve (though don’t ask them to put up your shelves). There’s a time and a place for permanent staffers, but a good Fractional CTO won’t outstay their welcome.
  • You can avoid expensive mistakes. While there are doubtless some brilliant full-time CTOs, your Fractional hire is less likely to be a ‘nodding dog’ seeking that promotion or playing internal politics. Fractional CTOs can sit in yourboardroom, validate your ideas and if it’s not working out – they’ll tell it to you straight.
  • You’ll have more time to make money! Having a good Fractional CTO should be a productivity gain for your business. Rather than getting bogged down in flagging projects and sapped morale, your Fractional CTO won’t need the ‘hand-holding’ that permanent team members might (rightfully or otherwise) expect. You’ll get to focus on what you do best while your Fractional CTO gets on with your digital transformation or tech capability in general.

Get a CTO service you can hang your hat on

We’re proud to have built The Possibility Partnership from the ground up, and when it comes to the cost pressures businesses face, we know the score. We’ve been there, done that, and got the discount Primark T-shirt.

We understand that every penny matters, and our Fractional CTO service is designed to give you the agile, cost-effective and high-fiving support you deserve. Get in touch for a no obligation chat, or learn more about The Possibility Partnership and our tech-cellent adventures.