Regular readers of this hallowed digital scroll will know that we’re big fans of AWS services. But if you’re ready to press the Amazon button, should you build your AWS capability in-house or use a certified engineering and distribution partner? In this guide we’ll extol the virtues of the latter approach.

What’s an AWS distribution partner?

An AWS (Amazon Web Services) distribution partner is certified to fully manage your AWS services on your behalf. These Amazon-approved experts don’t just grow on trees, though. Thanks to our tech expertise and cloud consultancy know-how, we’re happy to report that The Possibility Partnership is a registered AWS distribution partner.

If you needed any reminding, AWS is a popular cloud platform, or in the words of Amazon, “the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud”. Psst – you can read our hot take on why AWS is AWE-some.

Why do I need a partner for AWS services?

Wouldn’t it be easier to hire your own team, hone their skills and watch them grow into unbeatable AWS overlords? Well, maybe not. Just like eating an entire pipe of Pringles to yourself, it’s a nice idea in theory, but you’ll live to regret it.

#1 – An AWS partner can save you money

When you buddy-up with an AWS distribution partner like The Possibility Partnership, your hard-earned money will go to our coffers rather than directly to Amazon. So what? Well, in exchange you’ll get access to savings, plus the insights of our AWS experts who can help you control costs.

Whether it’s updating you on your AWS usage or sending you reports on your cost per project, our AWS services are designed to make your money go further.

#2 – Access to exclusivetools and services

Getting into bed with an AWS distribution partner – metaphorically, might we add – gives you free access to tools like CloudCheckr. This cloud management platform lets you take control of your cloud environment and get proper visibility on your spending patterns.

We know our way round CloudCheckr like a bookworm in a Waterstones. We’ll be on hand to offer informed advice on this platform and a whole host of AWS services.

 #3 – Free engineering time

You might like the look of the flashiest car, but if you don’t know how to drive, that Ferrari isn’t going anywhere. Similarly, AWS is great on paper, but to really make the most of the platform, you need an experienced AWS distribution partner behind the wheel.

As part of our AWS services, our AWS-certified solutions architects and DevOps engineers will help construct your cloud solution like a glorious gingerbread house of


And we like to partner with businesses that never stand still. As your business grows, our cloud engineering team can embed your cloud engineering infrastructure in line with your growth ambitions.

Discover our AWS services

We might be biased, but when you pick up the phone and ask us to become your AWS distribution partners, you won’t regret it for a nanosecond.

Learn why our AWS services can help your business fire on all cylinders, or read all about The Possibility Partnership and our team of tech titans.