If cloud computing were a foreign language like Elvish or Klingon, complete with all its jargon and buzzwords, cloud consultants are translators; deciphering acronyms, tech-speak and how to ask for the bill. 

But the magic of cloud consulting isn’t reserved for the IT wizards in giant castles. From sprawling digital empires to nerdy solopreneurs, cloud consulting is like a secret code that can boost your efficiency, cut IT costs and help you conquer uncharted territories.

So, what exactly do cloud consultants do to craft cloud kingdoms, and how can you avoid getting lost in the clouds?

1. Build your castle

You’re crafting your dream castle, but instead of turrets and moats, we’re talking cloud-native infrastructures and digital drawbridges. Cloud consultants look at your business, examining your objectives, in-house skills and current cloud environment; building a structure fit for AWS Cribs

And just like you’d never find Kanye West and Taylor Swift sharing interior design tips, your cloud architecture should be uniquely you. After all, it’s about creating a digital space that reflects your business’s individual needs, requirements and of course, flair. 

With the phrase “knowledge is power” in mind, cloud consultants are around to make sure hot off-the-press news in cloud tech lands in your lap each morning. From there, your infrastructure can help to drive efficiencies, bolster growth and improve flexibility in our evolving world.

2. Secure the grounds

As far as tough guys and cartoon villains go, there’s nothing more dangerous to your company than poor security.

In a place where clouds aren’t fluffy and “head in the clouds” doesn’t refer to daydreaming, a digital bouncer is the best way to protect your data and applications with cloud security strategies and best practices.

When it comes to relevant industry regulations and standards, think of cloud consulting as your superhero cape for compliance. Yes, exactly like Bananaman.

3. Make the move

It’s like orchestrating a move to a new house but with all your precious digital belongings. Seamless cloud migration ensures that your applications make the journey to the cloud without so much as a cracked pixel. 

That way, you can be sure your lucky socks and favourite mugs arrive in the right place with minimal downtime and disruption. That’s a metaphor by the way, your socks are your business. 

4. Count your coins

Nobody hands out medals for being savvy; tech or otherwise – except maybe Martin Lewis. But keeping an eye on cloud spend and spotting opportunities to save could help boost your bottom line and bonuses (just in time for Christmas!).

A good cloud consultant won’t just use software subscriptions as a license to print money; they’ll instead be happy to offer you the insights, advice and recommendations you need to grow.

5. Keep in Touch

​​Imagine you’re in a dense forest of tech jargon, with trees that look suspiciously like tangled Ethernet cables. You can’t tell your SaaS from your PaaS, and that’s okay! Ongoing support and maintenance is your trusty guide, wielding the sword to cut through the digital underbrush.

By that, we mean 24/7 support, bug fixes, ongoing maintenance and the latest security patches – like plasters, but more effective. 

Your Cloud Consulting Partner

You see, it’s easy to get lost in the fluffy jargon and tech talk, leaving you with a consultant who’s more interested in bamboozling you than solving the problem. We’re here to clear the mist, working with you to create a castle in the clouds that suits you. Let our geeks guide you through the foggy maze – get in touch.