Until Google Workspace came along, toggling between platforms just to send a document could only be described in one word: finickity. Today you can say goodbye to all that misery, and we’re proud to offer Google Workspace through our partner cloud services.

But in case you weren’t quite aware of its sheer brilliance, here are six reasons why Google Workspace is one of the handsomest cloud computing work tools of them all.

You can edit PDFs in Google Docs

All too often, opening a PDF feels like breaking into a fortress surrounded by barbed wire. Google Workspace makes life a lot easier, as you can use Google Docs to edit PDF files. All you need to do is upload your PDF into Google Drive, give it a right-click, then ‘open with’ Google Docs. You’ll be able to edit and change elements without the need to convert the file.

Tailor your Google Calendar meetings

Sure, you probably knew you could book meetings with Google Calendar, but the fun doesn’t stop there. Thanks to the magic of Google Workspace, you can specify meeting rooms or spaces by clicking ‘edit event’ in your Calendar, then add resources so that attendees – including remote workers – have the docs they need to stay awake.

And of course, with Google Calendar you can sync your teams and schedules so that all your colleagues are aware of what’s what. As a great philosopher once said: “I sync, therefore I am.”

Resurrect old files with Google Workspace

There are few things worse than losing a precious file because your computer’s gone kaput or been stolen by wolves. Google Workspace gives you peace of mind in knowing that your docs are safely stored in the cloud, and you can access and edit old files (and versions) that would otherwise be lost forever.

Let the robots take the strain

With each passing day, the world feels more like Minority Report featuring Tom Cruise. And increasingly, your Google Workspace is powered by cool Artificial Intelligence features.

For example, you can enable some basic AI pointers, like Google Docs’ grammar and spell checker, or Gmail’s sentence suggestions (Smart Compose), in case you’re struggling to finish your…

Other awesome new features include automated transcriptions, so your colleagues can catch up with a Google Meet event if they were unable to attend. Plus, ‘portrait light’ uses machine learning tech to simulate studio-quality lighting on a video call.

Scan receipts with your smartphone

As we all know, business owners are obliged to retain receipts and paperwork for accounting purposes. But thanks to Google Workspace, the days of stuffing receipts into a bulging folder are finally over.

By installing Google Drive on your smartphone, you can scan documents and save these as PDF files on your Drive. You can even add a shortcut to the scanning tool on your phone’s homescreen. So the next time you expense a double macchiato, simply whip out the phone and scan yourself silly.

Encrypt your business data

Data is the gold of the 21st century, and you don’t need us to remind you that any data leak could sink your ship.

When you use Google Workspace, Google Drive will automatically evaluate and encrypt files that are shared from outside your organisation. Multi-factor authentication is your friend, and Google uses reCAPTCHA to prevent threats.

You can also turn on Google Workspace Client-side Encryption (CSE) which means the business data is encrypted locally before it’s uploaded to Workspace.

Google Workspace wizards, at your service

We know Google Workspace like the back of our handsfree headsets. And when you work with The Possibility Partnership, you’ll get first-class Google Workspace support from the chicest geeks in town.

Learn more about our cloud partner services, and if you have any questions, simply drop us a line – we’d love to chat.