In a world wide web that can sometimes resemble the Wild West, Mimecast are definitely among the good guys. Unfortunately there are bad actors out there – and we’re not talking about Nicolas Cage.

In this blog, we’ll look at whether investing in Mimecast is worth it for your business.

What actually is the Mimecast?

Mimecast is a cloud-based email management service that can protect you and your people from spam, phishing and other unwanted email and web-based gremlins.

From secure email gateways to protecting your business against ‘insider risk’, Mimecast offers a broad-range of products that are designed to protect your vulnerable spots when it comes to sending and receiving emails.

What are the benefits of Mimecast?

Even the best teams need an awesome goalkeeper, and email protection software is there to block every shot from your dastardly opponent – Scamchester United. Here are just some of the ways that Mimecast tackles the bad guys.

  • Spam filtering. There are more spam emails in the world than grains of sand on Bondi Beach (probably). To counter these continual threats, Mimecast uses AI and machine learning models to inspect 1.3 billion emails per day – then send the spammers packing.
  • Email archiving. Even in a worst case scenario where your data vanishes, Mimecast can help you resurrect your vital emails (and all those cat gifs you wish you’d deleted).
  • Email continuity. For any business these days, the idea that your email system could suddenly go kaput is simply unthinkable. Mimecast’s continuity service can keep your system active and your comms flowing like a fine wine.
  • Spoof domain-busting. Cyber attackers can forge your email address and potentially damage your reputation. Mimecast’s Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) gives you full visibility over everyone who’s sending emails using your domain.
  • Send large files. If your business loves sending those doorstop-sized annual reports, don’t worry – Mimecast can handle these page-turners with aplomb.

Does my business need Mimecast?

In a world where legions of crafty cyber criminals are looking to compromise our data, email security software could give you some extra peace of mind.

Mimecast will scan email links for any threats against your organisation, and continually review ongoing dangers in order to stay one step ahead of the scammers. In fact, Mimecast has a 99% spam detection rate. Not too shabby at all.

Every organisation has different sensitivities at play, but Mimecast lets you send encrypted messages for those internal memos that really don’t need a ‘reply all’.

Moreover, Mimecast can be integrated with your existing security set-up, so you won’t need to reinvent the wheel if you’re simply looking to upgrade your capabilities. Mimecast isn’t there to replace your Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 – it’s there to complement them.

Ultimately, no two companies are the same, so you may want to factor in the size of your business; your sector; and the value you place upon your precious email data before selecting your next email management service.

Are there downsides to using Mimecast?

We’ve waxed lyrical about Mimecast, but just like an Olympic gymnast on a wobbly beam, let’s keep this balanced.

While it’s a good thing that Mimecast can integrate with your existing system, it’s also true to say that you’d need to spend a decent amount of time learning how Mimecast works in order to make the best use of it.

And while the best things in life are free, that’s, well, not exactly true. With Mimecast, all that round-the-clock cloud storage and security comes at a cost. Mimecast is more expensive than many of its competitors, and you may need to pay extra charges for technical support – plus a set-up fee.

But remember, while Mimecast might cost you more than other vendors, you don’t need us to remind you that the true cost of skimping on security could be immeasurable.

We’re not phishing for compliments, but…

In our time, we’ve seen more email security systems than we’ve had UK Prime Ministers. If you’re looking to upgrade the way you ‘do’ emails, our Mimecast cloud security service is well worth a look.

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