When it comes to business comms, the world has moved on from clunky switchboards and carrier pigeons. Enter RingCentral – the all-in-one cloud solution that makes communication and collaboration a breeze.

If we had to list all the cool things about this tool, it’d be longer than an epic fantasy titled The Lord of the RingCentral. But here are five things we love about this big beast in our partner cloud armoury.

#1. You can record and share video meetings

Once upon a time, RingCentral was known mainly for its VoIP services. Today, it has grown into a bigger and better ‘MVP’ monster – message, video and phone.

RingCentral is built for the way we work today. As we all know, not every meeting requires a gazillion participants, and key personnel often have a busy agenda. But with RingCentral you can record and share video meetings so that your colleagues can watch with a bag of popcorn in their own time.

There’s even an ‘Automatic Call Recording’ feature, which lets you automatically record your conversations with customers (once they’ve been informed). This is particularly handy in industries like financial services where call monitoring matters. You can also use this feature to create a helpful resource for future training sessions.

#2. RingCentral is perfect for remote working

There’s no going back to the world of five-day commuter hell, and RingCentral has a bunch of features that are tailor-made for this brave new world of working in our bathrobes.

RingCentral describes its Team Huddle feature as a “persistent video chat room”, meaning that members can dip in and out when it suits. Meanwhile, Team Connect lets you automatically set up new messaging groups for a specific meeting. This saves you the faff of creating new groups each time you want to continue the chat.

Just as importantly, RingCentral’s multi-site support is built for a world where companies often have offices and departments scattered across the globe. If your operations are a matrix of IT systems that make spaghetti junction look orderly, RingCentral can help you unify your network under one roof.

#3. You can transcribe your conversations

RingCentral can automatically transcribe your meeting conversations, and thanks to the magic of Artificial Intelligence, the transcript is more than just gobbledegook.

You can also enable the ‘closed captioning’ feature so that your conversation text will appear on-screen in a font size of your choice – ideal if any of your colleagues are hard of hearing.

Even more remarkably, RingCentral can detect accents and recognise participants’ voices. So whether you talk like a New York cab driver or a Victorian veg stall holder, you’ll finally get the (voice) recognition you deserve.

#4. RingCentral can sync with other platforms

Embracing RingCentral doesn’t mean pulling up trees and replacing your entire digital infrastructure. In fact, RingCentral offers seamless cloud management by integrating with your existing cloud services like Google Workspace and Microsoft 365.

What does that look like in practice? For one thing, your RingCentral contacts will automatically sync with your cloud platforms, giving you access to key personnel while barely breaking a sweat.

Plus, your calendar events will sync with your preferred email or scheduling app, meaning less stress, and no more toggling like a trojan from one app to the next.

#5. You can flip easily from PC to mobile

These days, work meetings take place here, there and everywhere – from office desks to treadmills and trains. Luckily, RingCentral’s cloud tech lets you switch from PC to mobile at the drop of a Dropbox.

The Call Flip feature lets you effortlessly switch between your personal mobile and work computer, which is handy for those instances where you suddenly require more collaboration tools on a bigger screen.

You’ve also got the simplicity of Single Sign-On, which allows you and your team to use company credentials to log into RingCentral in one fell swoop. No more racking your brains while you try to remember 17 different passwords.

Ready for RingCentral?

The world of office comms has moved faster than you can blink. Today, E.T. himself wouldn’t need to “phone home” when he could just ‘share screen’ on RingCentral.

We don’t like to big ourselves up too much, but The Possibility Partnership can make your life so much easier with our dedicated partner cloud services, which include RingCentral.

If you’re looking to streamline the way you communicate and collaborate with the people who matter most to your business, simply drop us a call and we’ll help you run rings around RingCentral.