Some things are best left to experts. Dentistry. Quantum physics. Making an IKEA bed. But as we hope to explain in this blog, outsourcing your cloud consultancy doesn’t mean giving away your car keys and watching some stranger drive off into the sunset. Just like Barack and Michelle, it can be a true partnership of equals.

What do we mean by cloud consultancy outsourcing?

In some quarters, ‘outsourcing’ conjures images of a faraway call centre with a dedicated ‘helpline’ in the Bermuda Triangle. In the context of cloud consultancy, outsourcing means choosing an external partner to advise on everything from cloud migration to cloudy lemonade.

Some companies prefer to keep things in-house, where they can peer over their colleague’s shoulder and ply them with cake. But ‘outsourcing’ is no dirty word when it comes to cloud consultancy, and with the right tech partner, it’s more like a friendly extension of your team than a mysteriously siloed stranger.

Below, we’ve rounded up three reasons why ‘outsource’ is the secret sauce.

#1. Cloud consultancy can save you money

Managing your cloud environment in-house can be pricier than a Mayfair mocktail. Cloud engineers don’t grow on trees, and even if you do hire the right talent, spending your money on salaries and recruitment fees comes at a cost. And even if you make the best cuppa, there’s no guarantee they’ll stick around.

In contrast, outsourcing your cloud consultancy lets you eliminate any runaway spending, with the opportunity to control your costs for set periods by subscribing to a dedicated cloud service. And of course, there’s nothing to stop you topping up your in-house talent as and when you need it.

#2. You can leave it to the experts

Cloud consultancy is an onion with many layers, and any business can be forgiven for not having the skills (and headspace) to navigate the demands of life in the cloud. By outsourcing your cloud services to a trusted partner, you can leave the more head-scratching elements to the folks who’ve spent decades putting the AWE-some into AWS.

Things can go wrong with IT servers. Like, really wrong. But any cloud consultant worth their salted caramel can offer robust partner services – from Mimecast to Microsoft 365 – to help you and your colleagues operate smoothly, safely and seamlessly.

#3. Cloud consultancy can save you time

Do you really want to be spending your hard-pressed time getting your head around the cloud infrastructure vortex? The beauty of hiring a cloud consultant is that you can let them get on with the tangliest of tasks – from cloud migration to full stack app development – while you focus on the things you do best.

No one has to be good at everything. Could Roger Federer handle a tech transformation like he handles a tennis racket? Probably, in fairness.

For any company, maintaining digital architecture takes the patience of a saint, but outsourcing your cloud consultancy can lighten your load and lower your stress levels.

Cloud engineering without egos

We’re cloud of our proud consultancy. Hang on – let’s try that again. We’re proud of our cloud consultancy. When you join forces with The Possibility Partnership, we’ll listen to your goals, then put some plans into action to streamline your business and secure your tech. Get in touch and let’s discuss what we can achieve together.