The customer is always right, even when they’ve left dirty dishes on the table. And when they’re fully on board with RingCentral, the chances are they’ll be highly satisfied too.

But come on – every cloud platform thinks it’s the bee’s knees, so does RingCentral really improve customer experience, and if so, how?

What is RingCentral again?

RingCentral is an awesome communication and collaboration platform that’s lodged firmly in the cloud. It’s a one-stop hub that integrates your messaging, video and phone services so you can ditch your clunky office hardware and never speak of it again.

Plus, it’s a firm favourite in our stable of partner cloud services, and we’ve blogged before about its myriad benefits. Any excuse to use the word ‘myriad’, right?

Let’s look at some of the upsides from a customer experience point of view.

RingCentral means faster resolutions

“Yes I’ll hold”, says every caller who’s secretly peeved. Whatever issue is vexing your customer, with RingCentral it’ll be solved in a jiffy.

Take the SmartAssist feature, for example, It’s a marauding bot, or “intelligent virtual agent”, that can answer a gazillion customer queries by finding answers or routing to the right agent. Lou Reed might have been hangin’ ‘round, but your customers won’t be.

No more repeating themselves

One of the more teeth-grinding features of a helpline – a truly oxymoronic word – is having to re-explain your query to one agent after another. No one wants to be pulled from pillar to post, but RingCentral solves all that with its integrated CRM system.

In fact, RingCentral’s Engage Digital platform empowers your people with one visible focal point for all your customers’ social media, email and web chat messages.

That weird sound you can hear? It’s your customer purring like Puss in Boots.

True integration

These days, we might message our mates on WhatsApp, ring our nan on the blower, and send long and meandering emails to our nearest and dearest. RingCentral empowers customers to interface with your business in the way that suits them, whether it’s live chat, emails, phone, video calls, or shouting over the hedge.

And we’re talking proper 24/7 customer support – they can get in touch even in the wee’st of hours. Yes, even after Newsnight Review.

Personalised interaction

The emergence of brilliant tech doesn’t equate to cold and distant customer experiences led by grumpy robots. On the contrary, RingCentral’s video conferencing solution gives you the chance to have meaningful facetime with your customers.

In this brave new virtual world, RingCentral helps your customers cut travel costs by skipping in-person appointments – remember those? – and get the same first-class experience whether they’re based in the Seychelles or Solihull.

And of course, video conferencing is more than just video calls. RingCentral’s screen sharing and file-sharing capabilities are truly splendid, and you can show presentations to your customers in crystal clear HD.

Our RingCentral partner service

Just like Beyonce, we only collaborate with the very best. RingCentral takes pride of place as one of our partner cloud services, and we’re better placed than anyone to show you the RingCentral ropes.

Want to give your customers seamless support while saving time and money? The Possibility Partnership will help you get up and running with RingCentral.
You can learn more about who we are, and if you’re ready to get started (or fancy a natter), simply contact our team.