Got a big idea but need the perfect app developer to bring it to life? With these four key skills, you’ll choose a great team of developers to create the app you dreamed of. Plus, they’ll keep you on board and in control every step of the way.

Expert technical knowledge

First thing’s first. You need an app developer that actually knows what they are doing. 

Sure, there are lots of people with technical skills out there. But the world of technology is a huge place (so big they’ve had to move it to the cloud, actually). And having technical skills does not necessarily make one an app developer.

Look at it this way: if you boarded a plane, you’d want to know that your pilots had been fully trained in flying an aircraft, right? Not a bus. Not a train. Not a 50-cc Mario Kart. An actual plane. Preferably the one you’re on.

And for your perfect app developer, you want to know that your team knows how to build apps. So look for their credentials. 
Here at The Possibility Partnership, we’ve got a team of AWS certified developers, solutions architects and sysops engineers. And yes, of course you can see our certificates.

Seek out a UX-focused app developer

A good techie can make an app do pretty much anything you want. 

But a great app developer can make your app do what you want, in a way that’s user-focused and intuitive.

The result? Fewer frustrated users, streamlined productivity and increased sales. 

If you’re not putting user experience first in every stage of your app development, chances are you’ll develop an app that no one can really use. By keeping your app development UX-focused, your app is simple, slick and usable.

A great app developer takes changes in their stride

Like any project, you have a vision of what the end product is going to look like. But inevitably, when it comes down to the finer details, you’re going to want to make refinements. 

Sometimes, your perfect app looks nothing like the perfect app you had in mind. 

That’s where a flexible app developer is worth their weight in gold. Can they make changes as and when you need them? Can they refine the app experience to give your users the best service possible?

At The Possibility Partnership, we use Scrum Methodology. It sounds fancy, but really it’s just our way of saying that we review our progress regularly throughout your app’s development. 

This method allows us to be fully flexible. We can see what’s working, and what’s not working. We can fix, refine, and upscale.

And of course, you can suggest and add new features throughout the build. Flexible development, whenever you need it.

Your app developer should keep you in the loop

When you’ve got a big project, like app development, silence isn’t golden. 

Silence means you don’t know what’s going on with your app. Where are your development team at? When is the end product going to drop? Which features are being added?

Is your app anyone else’s priority but yours?! 

A great app developer keeps you in the loop. They’ll tell you what’s happening, every step of the way. No unexpected changes, no surprises. Just informed, collaborative decision making.

With great communication, you know exactly what your app is going to deliver for your business. Plus, you know when new features will go live, so you can prepare your team to utilise these fully from day one. Effective communication links directly to increased productivity.

Make your dream app developer a reality

A great communicator. Flexible to accommodate your changing needs. A wealth of knowledge. Outcome focused. It’s not too much to ask, is it?

Well actually, no. It’s not. A great app developer has all of those characteristics – and more.

Ready to find your dream team? Explore how The Possibility Partnership can become the app developers you never knew you needed. And as a nice little add-on, we’ll do it all without any of the jargon.