When it comes to launching your startup, app development can accelerate your business’s growth and productivity. But where do you begin with exploring the field of app development? And why do you even need your own app, anyway?

Do I need my own app?

It only takes a few minutes of scrolling through app stores to realise that you’re wading through literally millions of app possibilities. There’s apparently over 2.6 million apps* in the Google Play Store alone and honestly, we’ve lost many an hour searching for the perfect app ourselves.

So why should you bother with app development, if there’s millions already in existence? 

Well, put simply, they don’t know your business. Trying to fit your business’s fresh round peg into the very square hole of an existing app is challenging. And as a brand new startup, it’s vital your app – and your business – is shaped your way.

What should I consider when looking at app development?

Chances are, if the existing app market isn’t working for you, you’re going to need full stack app development. That basically means you need a team to design every element of your app – the front end, that your users see and interact with, and the back end, which is all the snazzy tech that makes it work. 

Why? To get the perfect app experience. Without an all-through holistic approach, you may as well grab an app off-the-shelf, because ultimately your app will end up pre-designed, with features that may not operate the way you need them to.

By exploring full stack app development, you’re in control of every aspect of your business’s app development. Meaning it works exactly the way you envisaged. After all, isn’t that why you started your new business in the first place?

What if my needs change?

We know that startups are the victims of decision fatigue. So many choices, all the time – and how do you know what’s right? And what if you change your mind entirely?

With app development, you can build in flexibility to your design and build by utilising a development team that employs scrum methodology. Don’t worry – it’s nothing to do with rugby (that’s not really our bag, either).

All this means is that your app development team takes a cyclical build-and-review approach to developing your ideal app. They’ll create a few features, see how it works, review that it’s meeting your needs and then add any changes into the next cycle.

So rather than months of work that, it turns out, you really didn’t need or want after all, your app is under constant review. Meaning you get the outcomes you want, no matter what twists and turns you encounter along the journey. 

Plus, we’ve even written a helpful article about the key steps to smooth app development, to guide you along the way. 

(This all sounds a lot more fun than rugby, right?)

And how can my app grow with my business?

A great app helps your business to boom. But a booming business inevitably has changing needs. What happens when you’re dealing with hundreds of customers? What happens when you add new products to your line? How do you keep your app updated?

App development can absolutely be an ongoing process. That’s why it’s really important to keep the longevity of your relationship with your app developer in mind when choosing the right team for the job. 

If working alongside an app-building powerhouse, churning out dozens of apps by the week doesn’t sound right, you might want to look a little further for your perfect app developer. Especially if you’re planning to hang on to your app – and your business – for  a while. 

A team that gets to know your business, nurtures that relationship and are happy to stick around for the long run could well turn out to be a worthwhile investment. 

And here at The Possibility Partnership, this is exactly what we’re about. No short term app flings, more long term app relationships. Yep, the kind with cheesy photos on the annual Christmas cards.

Your own app development, with the flexibility and growth your startup needs

When cookie-cutter app moulds just aren’t working for your startup, it’s time to look for an app development team that takes your business’s unique needs into account. And with flexible build methodology and support to keep your app growing alongside your business, there’s no limit to what you and your app can achieve. 

Here at The Possibility Partnership, we provide the flexibility and reliability your business’s app development needs to really thrive. Why not book your discovery call today and find out more about how our app developer service can make your startup even smarter?

* Statistica, Google Play Store: number of apps: www.statista.com/statistics/266210/number-of-available-applications-in-the-google-play-store/