Seamless transition to fully
remote working through cloud migration

Our cloud migration and engineering packages created the perfect cloud tech package for Accountagility to move away from the ties of real estate.

Key deets:






Cloud engineering and cloud migration (Stage 1)



How did we help?

With high office rental costs, ageing hardware and software no longer fit for purpose, remote working was proving tricky. Accountagility needed a remote working environment that offered the tech capabilities to keep their team  up to speed and their data fully secure.

The result? Cloud tech that works seamlessly and securely. And that’s just the first stage!

“The Possibility Partnership rescued us from a rapidly failing hardware estate and were even happy to help with the heavy lifting come removal day.”

Stacey Munday, Operations Director, Accountagility

The challenge:
office space, waste of space

Having successfully led remote teams, Accountagility reassessed their need to rent costly office space. But with that space came their hardware, servers and services.

VPN connectivity just wasn’t cutting it. Servers were failing and the need to upgrade was becoming urgent. Plus, collaboration using outdated services was proving challenging. Enter our cloud migration experts.

cloud migration services
AWS cloud architects

The solution:
heavenly cloud migration

Our AWS cloud architects created a brand new remote environment from the ground up. We refined Accountagility’s tech, so we were able to reduce the number of servers whilst still increasing tech capabilities.

With no dedicated IT staff, we had to piece together a lil’ tech puzzle to figure out exactly what was needed in this project. Luckily, that’s exactly the kind of challenge we like to get our teeth into!

The result:
capability and security


Hardware replacement


Support calls raised for equipment failure


Monthly savings on office & rack space

Accountagility made the leap to cloud tech and remote working knowing their data was in safe hands. We provisioned secure AWS Workspaces data storage to allow their team to collaborate from across the globe. We even procured the work-from-anywhere hardware needed to get started.

Plus, we took care of all the set up and clear up at both their new and old tech residents. It’s all part of the service.

Our great working relationship with Accountagility meant they had the confidence to know that we’ll always be honest. We’ll never tell them they need unnecessary (and costly!) tech services. And we’ll always keep them in the loop on their tech’s progress – even if we’re having a particularly thundery day at the Cloud tech office!

With their cloud migration taken care of, it was time to integrate the very best of our cloud partner services. Here’s what we did next.

Integrated interfacing

Our bespoke solutions ensure that Accountagility’s existing environment operates seamlessly alongside their new cloud services.

Improved functionality

Accountagility needed to show their customers proof of concept. We crafted them a functional demo environment to keep clients in the loop.

Tech removals, sorted

We were on hand to ensure Accountagility’s data was securely transitioned and unwanted equipment disposed of safely.

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