It would be great if app development was easier than apple pie, but let’s face it – accidents happen. Below you can rock ‘n’ scroll through our rundown of the top app catastrophes to avoid.

Whoopsie #1 – Not testing during app development

Failure to test an app properly can lead to more bugs than A Bug’s Life. Whether it’s a screen that fails to load, or glitches on certain devices, there are innumerable ways that an untested app could come a cropper.

To avoid these creepy crawlies, a basic rule of app development is to test across multiple devices and operating systems. If it looks like an app, walks like an app, and talks like an app, the chances are, it’s an app (or a robot on the rampage).

Whoopsie #2 – Bad design

Even the best app concept won’t seem so hot if the design is, well, awful.

First and foremost, a well-designed app will look sleek, professional and on-brand. Even your buttons can look bright and beautiful.

But while no one wants to create the ugly duckling of the app development world, good design is about more than just aesthetics. A smart app developer knows the importance of small details, from the shading on text fields to the psychology behind different colours.

UX marks the spot, and quality design is about making sure your users can intuitively work their way around your app and get what they need.

Whoopsie #3 – Too much clutter

Every app needs basic features, but too many components risks your app looking busier than Times Square.

During the app development process, think carefully about which features and functions are essential, and which are nice-to-haves. There’s a time and a place for side bars, tab bars and wine bars, but your navigation scheme needs to be simple and sensible to help your user hop from one place to the next.

And remember – notifications are great for important alerts that may require action, but nobody wants their phone pinging every five minutes. Keep notifications to a minimum, or they’ll be reaching for that uninstall button faster than you can say “ping”.

Whoopsie #4 – Getting sloppy with security.

Some mistakes are simply too big to admit to – like Windows Vista or Police Academy 4. But failing to secure your users’ personal data is simply an app development no-no.

Many apps hold personal and financial information, as well as users’ login credentials. It’s your (legal) responsibility to make sure this data is properly encrypted and regularly reviewed.

The world is full of sunshine, happiness and kittens, but also, hackers, fraudsters and ne’er-do-wells. By taking security seriously during the app’s development, you can nip breaches in the bud, avoid legal and financial jeopardy, and ensure your app’s reputation is tip-top.

Whoopsie #5 – A lousy launch

Sure, if your app has been in development for months, you may be tempted just to get it out. But just like the athlete who moves before the starting gun is fired, you don’t want to launch your app too soon.

Before you press ‘go’, there are lots of questions to ponder. Where will you submit the app (such as Google Play or Apple’s App Store) and have you read their guidelines? Do you have a press kit directory for journalists and bloggers? Do you have snazzy social media handles and a contact list you can notify?

No one expects an Apple-style product launch with plasma screens and pyrotechnics, but a bit of careful planning means your app rollout will do justice to all that development work.

Did we mention we do app development?

It’s one thing to have a brilliant app idea, but making sure the damn thing works – with smooth UX and bug-free browsing – requires hard graft and expertise. The Possibility Partnership can relieve you of your app development angst and create something truly awesome – from initial concepting to design, development to deployment.

Don’t worry, be ‘appy.

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