Business communications have come a long way since the days of the pigeon carrier, and Freshworks is part of this revolution. And since it’s one of our partner cloud services, we’re happy to say we’re fully paid-up members of the Freshworks fan club.

If your business is looking for a sprinkling of extra SaaS, here are just some of the reasons why Freshworks could be just the ticket.

What is Freshworks?

Freshworks offers cloud-based software to support businesses with their IT and customer service needs. If you’re looking for acronym-themed solutions like CRM (customer relationship management) and ITSM (IT service management), Freshworks could be the platform you’ve been scrolling for.

With the help of The Possibility Partnership you can make the most of the following Freshworks services:

Freshservice. Keep your IT operation running smoothly with Freshworks’ dedicated ITSM offering.

Freshdesk. Deliver quality customer support and handle queries effortlessly with this Freshworks CRM service.

We’ve barely scratched the surface, so let’s take a deep dive and explore how Freshworks can deliver for your team and customers.

Automate your boring tasks

Life’s too short to be hitting copy ‘n paste all day, but Freshservice will remove much of your IT grunt work by automating the most tedious tasks.

Likewise, Freshdesk takes some of the pressure off your team by ensuring your customers have ready-made, automated answers to common queries.

Thanks to Freshworks’ inbuilt automation, your team will enjoy extra time to focus on the tasks that really matter (like refilling the espresso machine).

Say goodbye to siloed working

Freshworks can extend like an octopus across multiple departments, integrating your HR, legal and IT processes, and getting maximum visibility across projects.

It’s a brilliant way of making sure your teams are aligned, but also, your customers will appreciate the streamlined, consistent service.

Unlock the power of AI

When it comes to leveraging AI, Freshservice and Freshdesk are two high-performing peas in the Freshworks pod.

Freshservice is backed by native AI, which provides your team with reporting on resources and timelines. It can even predict outcomes – like a digital Nostradamus.

Meanwhile, not only is Freshdesk super-intuitive – it’s backed by AI technology and can answer queries in rapid time. That means higher customer satisfaction thanks to a seamless service, and reduced ticket volumes to help give your team a breather.

Save money with Freshworks

You’d think that scaling up your support experience would cost an arm and a leg, but with Freshworks, you’ll save time and moolah.

By bringing your customer services under one platform, you can reduce your spend on other platforms and boost overall efficiency.

What’s more, with its low cost and easy-to-use platform, Freshworks is built for businesses large and small.

Embrace Freshworks for your business

If you’re looking to streamline your IT management while giving your customers a seamless and speedy service, could Freshworks be a fresh start?

The Possibility Partnership is proud to offer Freshworks as our IT services partner. Our team of friendly techies will help you get started, migrate from your existing tech, and save money with a cheeky discount.

Read about our lovely team, or to learn more about Freshworks, simply get in touch – we’d love to chat.