Microsoft 365 is the Greggs of cloud technology – it’s here, there and everywhere. But scratch beneath the surface and Microsoft 365 has more layers than a Steak Bake. Roll up, roll up, as we reveal five Microsoft 365 hacks to knock your socks off.

#1. Give your PowerPoints some pizazz

We’ve all sat in meetings and experienced ‘death by PowerPoint’, but thanks to Microsoft 365’s Designer feature, your PowerPoints can look the part. Access awesome title slides, design schemes and layouts to make your presentation more memorable than Squid Games.

Plus, there are lots of keyboard shortcuts that can save even the keenest of PowerPoint pros some valuable extra seconds. For example, simply press Ctrl+M to create a new slide. Or if you want to start your presentation even while looking at another slide, Shift+F5 is your friend.

You can even turn your mouse into a laser pointer with a quick Ctrl+P – perfect for your big presentation, or playing a prank in the dark and scaring your pals witless.

#2. Declutter your Microsoft 365 inbox

In a world of email overload, it can be hard to concentrate at the best of times. And when those banter threads, cat gifs and party invites start piling up, it’s nigh on impossible. Enter Focused Inbox, the Microsoft 365 feature that will – that’s right – focus your inbox.

The successor to Clutter, Focused Inbox categorises your Outlook emails into two categories – Focused and Other – based on who you interact with over time.

And if you do start to miss those emoji-laden messages, you can easily turn off Focused Inbox with a quick hop over to Settings.

#3. Bookmark your reading

In the old days, the only way to avoid losing your place while reading was to lick your thumb and fold down that wrinkly, coffee-stained page. Thankfully, those days are a thing of the past thanks to Microsoft 365’s Resume Reading feature in Word, which bookmarks your place no matter what device you’re using.

And as you may know, you can work offline thanks to the wonders of OneDrive cloud storage. Whether you’re working from a train carriage, airport lounge or a bungee jump rockface, any changes you make will magically sync to your storage (and connected devices) when you’re back online.

#4. Say goodbye to attachments

In a world of seamless cloud innovations, the idea of rummaging through a folder and attaching documents feels a little old hat. With Microsoft 365, simply ping a link on your Outlook emails or Teams messages to share work files with colleagues.

And while that’s not exactly earth-shattering news to some, did you know you can co-author documents and change permissions anytime you like? If you’re sabre-rattling over amendments, just remember to keep those comments in the margin civilised.

#5. Give Microsoft 365 Planner a whirl

Projects can spin out of control like a toddler with a bowl of spaghetti hoops. Microsoft Planner, however, lets you collaborate with your colleagues in one comprehensive task management tool.

With Planner, you can hang out in the Microsoft 365 cloud and make your workflows smooth like a breakfast banana shake.

Get creative and cook up some Kanban boards or scrum tools so you can liven up your team’s daily tasks. Whether you want at-a-glance checklists, file uploads or visual status charts, Planner is super intuitive.

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